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Expert-led Sober Living for all

Therapeutic programs for ongoing recovery in Chiang Mai

Why we are Different

  • We are a women's only facility

  • Directed by a Registered Psychologist (R.Psych)

  • Individualized Treatment Planning

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Specializing in Co-occuring Disorders

  • Specializing in Cross-Addictions

  • Trauma -Informed Counseling

  • Holistic Approach to Wellness

  • Affordable

Directed by a Registered Psychologist (R.Psych)

Clinical Director is a Registered Psychologist in Canada, the only psychologist in Chiang Mai who specializes in addiction and mental health.

-Qualified to work with dual-diagnoses (anxiety, depression, PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, and more)

-Qualified to work with co-morbid addiction (sex, gambling, addiction, codependency, shopping, and other high-risk behaviors)

Thailand: the Perfect Recovery Destination

With luscious get away mountains near the city, thailand makes the perfect destination for women to bond together and begin this sober journey. Our facilities are fully equipped to help women throughout their entire journey.

#1 Sober Living Facility

Learn how our leading expert in women’s recovery curates a program of sisterhood.

Our Women’s Success Stories

“Being surrounded by strong women who I can relate and connect with, and spend time with was so crucial for me. I was able to find happiness without the alcohol.”


Our Therapeutic Programs

One-on-One Sessions

Coaching in a Variety of Life Areas

Group Therapy Sessions

Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE)

Group Activities


Our Principle

“It was such a relief to feel seen and validated. The counselors really know what they’re talking about; some of them have even been down the same pathway. I felt completed accepted and supported.”

Meet Your Personal Team

Janine Copeland has extensive experience working with addiction and mental health.

(M.Ed., CCC, CCAC) Registered Psychologist

Janine Copeland

Nuraan is a Psychotherapist experienced in working with trauma and addiction.


Nuraan Felix

Nirin's main priority is listening to the needs of women.

Customer Relations

Nirin Thongin

Continue Your Road to Recovery

We’re here with you every -step of the way.

We're here with you.

Every step of the way, we'll get your there.

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